Breakthrough in research identity of Soviet soldiers

There has been a breakthrough in the investigation into the identity of Soviet soldiers buried in the Soviet Military Cemetery. Because the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation has managed to tap into a new, hitherto secret, source.

As a result of this the foundation is about to obtain over one hundred documents relating to soldiers buried at the Soviet Military Cemetery. “With these papers we expect to be able to identify approximately twenty soldiers”, says Remco Reiding, the foundation’s director. “Once we know who they are, we can trace and inform their families.’”

These past months the foundation has sent over 150 letters to as many authorities in the former Soviet Union, requesting them to provide documents pertaining to the soldiers’ captivity. These files fell into Allied hands at the end of the Second World War.

Slowly but surely the answers of the various archives are trickling in. “On the basis of these first results it is safe to speak of a real breakthrough”, says Reiding, who has worked hard to identify the Soviet soldiers buried in Leusden for over twenty years now.