Milestone: all 101 Uzbeks adopted

Every grave of the 101 Soviet soldiers who were murdered in and near Kamp Amersfoort, has now been adopted. This week the Foundation Soviet Military Cemetery managed to find the last adopters.

In 2010 the foundation started with grave adoption. With the aim of giving a face to the 865 soldiers who lie buried in the Soviet Military Cemetery and getting society involved in keeping the memory of these war victims alive. The idea was that if an adopter could be found for each and every grave, all 865 soldiers would no longer be forgotten.

Now all 101 soldiers who died in and near Kamp Amersfoort have been adopted. “A milestone”, says Remco Reiding, who set up the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation. “We are pleased that someone remembers each of these soldiers, the more so because these boys lie buried anonymously.”

The Soviet Military Cemetery also contains soldiers who were brought to Leusden from Margraten and other burial grounds in The Netherlands. Of many of these the identity has been established in the past years. Not all of their graves have as yet been adopted. All in all an adopter has been found for over 500 of the 865 soldiers.

The adopters contribute an annual amount of 50 euros. This is being spent on research, visits to graves by next of kin, placing flowers and candles on the graves and on projects that serve to keep the memory of the soldiers alive. It is possible to register as an adopter via the website

Adopters do not need to maintain the graves. This is done by the Netherlands War Graves Foundation.