Soviet Military Cemetery is elated about finding tin

The cigarette tin

Reiding searching in Uzbekistan

The Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation is delighted with the find of a cigarette tin at the Police Academy in Leusden. It probably belonged to one of the Soviet soldiers who died in Kamp Amersfoort and lie buried in the Soviet Military Cemetery.

“We’re elated about this surprising discovery”, says Remco Reiding, director of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation. “We hope that additional research will show that this tin really belonged to one of them. Of course we are ready to share our expertise.”

For over twenty years Reiding has been carrying out research into the 865 war victims who lie buried at the Soviet Military Cemetery. As from 2010 he does so on behalf of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation, which also endeavours to keep the memory of these soldiers alive.

The tin that was found in 2016

The Soviet citizens who died in and around Kamp Amersfoort lie buried as unknown soldiers at the Soviet Military Cemetery. “We know very little about the lives of these boys”, says Reiding. “That makes this tin important, because it helps tell their story.”

There are very few objects that make the narrative of these men concrete. In 2016 the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation came into possession of a tin belonging to one of the Soviet soldiers. Furthermore a photo and a handful of drawn portraits have been preserved.