Cemetery takes prominent place in Uzbek Museum

Depicting the 101 in the Victory park in Tashkent

The brand new Museum of Glory in Uzbekistan will get a section completely devoted to the 101 Uzbeks who were killed in Amersfoort. The president of the Central Asian country has invited the Dutchman Remco Reiding to come to Tashkent as an advisor .

The museum of Glory stands in the Victory park in the Uzbek capital. Both were opened on 9 May by president Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The park and museum are fully dedicated to the Second World War, that took the lives of over 450.000 Uzbeks in the service of the Red Army. 101 of these soldiers died in Kamp Amersfoort of abuse or execution. They lie buried at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Leusden.

Researcher Remco Reiding in Uzbekistan

Reiding, director of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation, has been carrying out research into the war victims at the cemetery for over twenty years. The Uzbek authorities have brought him in as an expert on several occasions. Among other things this has resulted in a book and a movie about the 101 dead. Also the national film company is preparing a documentary in cooperation with the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation.

President Mirziyoyev has personally instructed the ministries and archives of his country to assist Reiding in his research. The 101 soldiers are as yet unidentified. Together with the authorities Reiding tries to unlock their identity.

This week the official invitation was handed to Reiding in Amersfoort by the ambassador of Uzbekistan in Brussels, Dilyor Khakimov. To celebrate the occasion he brought a traditional Uzbek banquet with him.

Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov and staff member dishing up

“Keeping the memory of these 101 soldiers alive is of great value to our country”, said ambassador Khamikov. “The president has asked that Reiding, as foremost researcher and partner, will look at the concept of the section on this most important story.”