Part 10: Regina Robeerts (69) from Soesterberg

Photo and text Jeroen Hendriks

Regina was employed in homecare and has adopted two graves.

“Friends alerted me to the existence of Soviet Military Cemetery in Leusden. Inquisitive as I am I went and took a look. And I was immediately impressed by this site and the many rows of gravestones.”

As a next step Regina registered for the news letter.

“I read it all. I found it so impressive that I decided to offer my help in the placing of candles on Christmas Eve.”

The atmosphere on this evening is always very special at Rusthof cemetery and the adjoining Soviet Military Cemetery.

“I also chose to adopt the grave of an unknown soldier. My feeling was that an unknown soldier too deserves an extra light. They gave me the number of the grave and I immediately went over to have a look. That made for a very special feeling; straightaway I felt a connection with the soldier and his resting place.”

The involvement of Regina grew over time and at present she is one of the valued volunteers of the Soviet Military Cemetery.

“In March of this year Remco gave me a tour of the cemetery. That is when I decided to adopt another grave. This time one with a name. Of course I am curious to know more about it, a nice assignment to keep me busy. Several times a year I go and bring those soldiers flowers or a light. They deserve it after having gone through so much.”