101 soldiers mentioned in book about Uzbekistan

Just recently a book has been published with stories on Uzbekistan. In it is also a chapter on the 101 Soviet soldiers that were killed in Amersfoort during the Second World War. As far as known the majority of them came from Uzbekistan.

The book was officially presented in Brussels to the Uzbek ambassador Dilyor Khakimov. It contains thirteen stories on the country, composed by Burhanettin Carlak. For more information click here.

24 soldiers died of starvation, disease and abuse in Kamp Amersfoort. The remaining 77 were shot in a wood behind the camp. All 101 lie buried at the Soviet Military Cemetery next to Rusthof graveyard in Leusden.

On Friday the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation will hold the ninth annual commemoration for the 101 soldiers. With mayor Bouwmeester (Leusden) and deputy mayor Kraanen (Amersfoort) we will place candles at the Koedriest monument, that was erected at the place of execution. Unfortunately due to the corona pandemic the ceremony will not be open to the public.