Director Cemetery accepts liberation flame

Every year a group of relay runners from Achterveld fetches the liberation flame from Wageningen, where the surrender of the German forces in the Netherlands was signed in early May 1945. This time Remco Reiding, the director of the Soviet War Cemetery Foundation, was given the honour of accepting this torch on Liberation Day. He then passed it on to two next-of-kin who had come to the Netherlands for a visit to a war grave. Subsequently Laziz and Yelena used it to light the flame in the garden park of the Saint Joseph church.
On May 5th the flame burned the entire day at the statue Almost Free in Achterveld (municipality of Leusden). Later on Liberation Day a passing convoy of Keep Them Rolling, that honoured Operation Faust with approximately 70 historic vehicles, paid their respects to the flame of freedom.

Take a look at the report from Dorpstv Achterveld: