Armenians show appreciation for research and tracing

Yesterday the Armenian community in Amsterdam put the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation in the limelight. At the cemetery director Remco Reiding received the annual prize of the St. Grigor Narekatsi Foundation.

The award is for remarkable achievements, acts or services in the past years relating to Armenia, Armenians or the Armenian community in the Netherlands. The prize was first awarded in 2018.

“Bestowing the award on Remco Reiding is a recognition of his dedicated work and efforts in the past years as director of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation”, writes the St. Grigor Narekatsi Foundation. “In this capacity he has focussed on finding the identity and tracing family members of the 865 soldiers of the Red army that were killed or died in the Netherlands during World War II and lie buried at the Military Cemetery in Amersfoort.”

Among these soldiers are around 28 Armenians.

“It is very nice to see that the Armenian community appreciates our efforts”, says a grateful Reiding. “It shows the wide support for our mission.”

Watch below the short ceremony that the Armenians held at a number of graves of their countrymen.