Documentary premiers about murder of 101 Soviet soldiers

In the Uzbek city of Samarkand the documentary ‘Matonat’ (Tenacity) premiered on Saturday. The movie narrates the story of the murder of 101 Soviet Soldiers in Leusden. On 9 May it was shown on several tv-channels in the Central Asian country.

The soldiers, mainly from Uzbekistan, arrived at the railway station of Amersfoort on 27 September 1941. They were incarcerated in Kamp Amersfoort, where 24 of them died of starvation, illness and abuse. The remaining 77 were shot on 9 April 1942.

The documentary was commissioned by the president of Uzbekistan  with the cooperation of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation. The film is currently only available in the Uzbek language.

Watch the documentary here: