Last survivor Texel insurrection has died


The last participant in the Georgian insurrection against the Germans on the Dutch island of Texel died last week. Grigor Baindurashvili reached the age of 102. His family notified the Return Foundation  in Georgia.

Baindurashvili belonged to the 224 Georgians who in late May 1945 left Texel alive after a bloody uprising. The insurrection took the lives of 514 Georgians, over 200 Germans and dozens of islanders.

It was a small miracle that Baindurashvili lived to tell the story. “Only God knows how”, he said to Remco Reiding, researcher of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation, in 2016. After his return to Georgia he had three children, eight grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

In his house in Kaspi he kept welcoming the Dutch visitors with open arms, according to Reiding. “He was very grateful to the Texel islanders who hid him and his comrades. Inside his house was full of Dutch memorabilia: pillows with mills on them, a small painting of the lighthouse on Texel…”

Baindurashvili died on 6 August after a short illness. He lies buried in Kaspi, west of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.