Light a candle at home on April 9

The commemoration of 9 April will unfortunately be held without public attendance. Because of the measures against the spread of the corona virus the board of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation has decided to limit the placing of candles to a small circle.

We ask you to burn a candle at home for the 77 Soviet soldiers who were killed on 9 April 1942. We would appreciate it if you were to publish a photo of your candle on our Facebook page and on your own social media. You can also mail the photo to us:

The candles remind us of the lives of 101 young Soviet soldiers who were murdered in and around Kamp Amersfoort. In this camp 24 of these boys died of starvation, sickness and abuse. On 9 April 1942 the remaining 77 were shot by the Germans. It would turn out to be the second largest execution in the Netherlands during World War II.

The Nazi’s sent the 101 Soviet soldiers in September 1941 to Amersfoort as live propaganda material. The sight of these ragged gooks was to convince the Dutch people, particularly the communists in our country, that we had better side with Germany in the fight against bolshevism.

The 101 lie buried as unknown soldiers in the Soviet Military Cemetery at the Dodeweg in Leusden. Their identity has not yet been determined. According to documents and statements the majority hailed from Uzbekistan.