New chance of identifying one of the 101 Uzbeks

Hope dies last, so the Russians say. That’s why we are still hoping that at least one of the 101 Soviet soldiers who were killed in and around Kamp Amersfoort can be identified. It is understood that they all hail from Uzbekistan.

And… that is where we have found a new trace! The Dutch fellow inmate Gerrit de Wilde drew portraits of seven prisoners; on two of which he jotted down the name of the individual. Handwritten, bastardized in the manner in which he understood the names.

Of course we have carried out research concerning both names and soldiers whose names showed a resemblance. But in the paper version of one of the many memorial books here we happened upon a soldier with the exact same name. An Uzbek who is still reported as missing in action.

The probability of a positive identification is small. But who knows, we may yet succeed in determining that this soldier is the one portrayed in the drawing.

Later this week we are going to visit the hamlet this man comes from…