Short documentary on Soviet Military Cemetery wins prize

A short documentary about the Soviet Military Cemetery in Leusden has won a prize. At a movie festival in the Russian town of Tichvin it ended first in the classification ‘keeping the memory alive’. To the Russians that category is very important, because during the Second World War 26 million citizens of the Soviet Union perished.

The film narrates the story of the Soviet Military Cemetery. It is called ‘Remco Reiding, Man with capitals’, after the Amersfoort researcher who managed to trace the identity of over 250 Soviet soldiers buried in Leusden. A total of 170 films had been entered for the festival.

“The work of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation is invaluable and important to Russia”, says producer Maxim Artemev in response to the award. “I therefore hope that the film will reach a large audience and will come to the attention of people who are still looking for a missing family member.”

Alex Engbers, chairman of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation, calls the film ‘a splendid document’. “This documentary touches the grave war wound of the Russians: three million captured Soviet soldiers were driven to their death in the camps. Amidst all this misery Reiding brings hope. He informs families that their father has been found.”

The short documentary will form part of a longer film about captivity.