Silent March on 4 May performed by pupils

The Silent March on 4 May will this year be performed by two school classes, deputy mayor Willem-Jan Stegeman of Amersfoort and mayor Gerolf Bouwmeester of Leusden. Together they will travel the route from Kamp Amersfoort to the Soviet Military Cemetery and Rusthof cemetery. Joey van Loveren will lead the procession with his drum. Due to the corona measures no other participants are welcome.

There will be a moment’s pause at ‘The Stone Man’, the memorial column Soviet Military Cemetery, the monument for ‘Fallen Veterans Amersfoort and Leusden’, the plaque for Italian victims, the British memorial ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ and the monument for ‘The Unknown Soldier’. At the close of the ceremony a wreath will be laid at the Dutch flag and a trumpeter of the Juliana band will play tattoo. Mayor Bouwmeester will hold a speech after the national anthem has been played.