Soldier identified after 23 years of research

After 23 years of research it is finally clear who rests in grave #252: Elizbar Ivanovich Chitashvili.

The soldier was buried under a misspelled name: Eliahan Tschinarschvilin. All that was known of him was that on 24 April 1945 at age 25 he was admitted to hospital in Herne (Germany), where he died of tuberculosis.

New documents have revealed that on 23 April 1945 the soldier was transferred from nearby Wanne-Eickel to Herne. And that his true name was Elizbar Chitashvili.

Thanks to this new information researcher Remco Reiding of the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation succeeded in identifying the soldier. Elizbar Ivanovich Chitashvili was born in 1919 in the Georgian village of Sabue. Until today he is listed as missing in action.

After he died on May 14 1945 in Herne, his American liberators transferred his body to Margraten cemetery. In 1947 he was reburied at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Leusden.

The search for his family in the Georgian wine-growing area Kakheti is on-going.

So far Reiding has identified over 250 soldiers. Of 220 of them he managed to trace the family and inform them that their father, grandfather or uncle is no longer missing in action but lies buried in Leusden.