Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation awarded Golden Terebinth

The Golden Terebinth, the national prize for organizations that are committed to maintaining funerary legacy, was awarded to the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation yesterday. The foundation receives the award for its unremitting efforts to keep the memory alive of 865 war victims from the Soviet Union.

According to the jury in the past two years the Leusden volunteers realized an impressive number of projects: a candle night, theatrical audio tours, lectures, commemorations and classes. Moreover the foundation engages in research into the past of the Soviet soldiers and in actively tracing relatives, while successfully involving young Dutch people in the history of the military cemetery.

Instigator and director Remco Reiding was presented the award in the crowded  auditory of Tolsteeg cemetery in the city of Utrecht by Bert Lever, chairman of the Terebinth Foundation. The prize consists of a floating trophy and a sum of one thousand euros, that will be used to facilitate visits to the graves by soldiers’ relatives and a meet and greet of the general public with these next of kin.

The assessment of the jury:

The winner of the Golden Terebinth busies itself with a long forgotten location. It has made special efforts to increase knowledge, involve youngsters and start novel projects. It is committed to staying innovative. It is very transparent in its reporting and accountability. Precisely those aspects point to its due diligence and testify to its professionalism. Furthermore the jury finds that in the annum in which we celebrate 75 years of liberation it is fitting to honour an organisation which dedicates itself to remembering war victims. Through its efforts the foundation contributes to humanity and the improvement of international relations, something which deserves additional appreciation in this commemorative year.