From different perspectives the Soviet Military Cemetery provides stories that we like to share. In particular with young people.

The important role of the Soviet Union in the struggle against Nazi-Germany, the immense sacrifices made and the enormous impact on the survivors – they were all slowly but surely forgotten in the Netherlands during the Cold War. The 865 soldiers buried in the Soviet Military Cemetery also fell into oblivion. Until a young student swam against the current and managed to identify soldiers and notify their next of kin that their father lies buried in the far away Netherlands.

And what to think of the fate of 101 Soviet soldiers in Kamp Amersfoort, who were treated as sub humans, and the origin and development of the Soviet Military Cemetery in the context of the Cold War?

These are topics that tie in with history lessons and civic education in High School. But for target groups such as tourists, service clubs and other interested parties the Soviet Military Cemetery also offers food for thought.

Contact us if you think it feasible to incorporate the Soviet Military Cemetery in you educational programmes. We also offer tours of the cemetery and lectures/lessons to groups (not just students). We are only too happy to help you realize your wishes. Of course visiting the Soviet Military Cemetery individually is always possible. The website offers a great deal of information.

Ilse Matser is a board member as well as coordinator of education. Please contact via if you want to know more about what the Soviet Military Cemetery can mean to you.

The education programme is a work in progress. Do you have ideas? Please let us know. If you register for the news letter on our homepage, we will keep you abreast of developments.