Remembrance ceremonies

The Soviet Military cemetery Foundation initiates a number of remembrance ceremonies and participates in a several others. We are listing the most important ones here:

 9 April

Ever since 2013 on April 9 at 06.30 hours the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation holds a comemorial at Koedriest monument (near the end of Loes van Overeemlaan, Leusden). On 9 April 1942 77 Soviet soldiers from Kamp Amersfoort were shot on this spot. At sunrise we light candles at the monument. Every year we host another speaker or poet. We are assisted by a class of ‘t Atrium Highschool. Afterwards all those attending are invited to breakfast and a tour of Kamp Amersfoort.

3 May

On 3 May, prior to the Dutch Remembrance Day, we place flowers on the war graves at the Soviet Military Cemetery and the adjoining Rusthof cemetery. We also place photos of the soldiers, if available, at the graves.

4 May

On 4 May, the Dutch Remembrance Day, a Silent March leads from Kamp Amersfoort to the Soviet Military Cemetery and Rusthof. It starts at 18.45 hours. At 20.00 hours two minutes silence are observed in the front courtyard of Rusthof. After which the mayor of Leusden or Amersfoort will address the crowd.

9 May

On 9 May, Victory Day in Russia and other former Soviet republics, there is an annual official ceremony at the Soviet Military Cemetery. The Russian ambassador and the director of the Soviet Military Cemetery each give a speech. After which ambassadors and other official representatives as well as the general public lay wreaths. In conclusion the procession moves on to the other war graves on Rusthof cemetery.

24 December

On Christmas Eve at Rusthof cemetery the evening of lights takes place. On 24 December at 16.30 hours the Soviet Military Cemetery Foundation places candles on all war graves, of the military cemetery as well as Rusthof.

Other important data:

19 April

Every year on 19 April Kamp Amersfoort commemorates the transfer of the camp by the Germans to the Red Cross.

20 April

On this day in 1945 fifteen Georgians, buried at the soviet Military Cemetery, were murdered in Fort Sint Aagtendijk near Beverwijk. Whenever next of kin visit The Netherlands, a modest ceremony is arranged at this spot.

8 May

On 8 May representatives of the embassy of Ukraine lay a wreath on the Soviet Military Cemetery.

Sunday in May

On the Sunday before the American Memorial Day (last Monday of May) there is a remembrance ceremony at the American War Cemetery in Margraten. Initially 691 Soviet soldiers, reburied in Leusden, were also interred there.

9 December

On this day in 1944 at the jetty of the town of Middelharnis seven Armenians were executed, who lie buried in the Soviet Military Cemetery. The municipality of Middelharnis and the Armenian embassy hold an annual memorial for them there.